At Trinity School of Nursing, we help our students understand their future professional roles and their significance in promoting the best health for their patients. We educate our trainees on promoting wellness, maintaining health, and preventing illness and disease.

Here are some of the programs we currently offer:

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Nursing Assistant Review

Be better prepared for the CNA Exam! Enroll in our review program soon.

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Home Health Aide

When you train with Trinity School of Nursing, you can understand more deeply the roles and responsibilities of being a home health aide. Our training program is comprehensive and it focuses on developing your skills as a healthcare practitioner.

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Patient Care Technician

You can be a PCT (Patient Care Technician) and take part in the care management of patients in various settings. Once trained, you can work in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and even in private homes.

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Practical Nursing

As a Practical Nurse, you will be tasked to render quality patient care in different healthcare work environments. We can help you acquire the competencies you need when you enroll in our training programs.